Modbus to wireless mesh network converter.

? DIN rail mountable
? 9-24 DC voltage power supply
? RS-485 interface with Modus RTU
? License free 868MHz radio interface
? Dual antenna with antenna diversity for improved reliability
? Seamless operation in a wireless mesh network with multiple hops
? mini-USB configuration interface with a dedicated application
? Quick installation and setup



The RM-01 modbus to wireless mesh network converter is a device that can easily replace the cabling in modbus driven automation installations. The device can be mounted on a standard DIN rail and can be powered from a 9-24V DC source. It features a RS-485/Modbus RTU interface and can act both as a Modbus master or Modbus slave.

The RM-01 devices seamlessly form a wireless mesh network with up to 4 network hops. The network consists of a single RM-01 configured as Modbus master and multiple other RM-01 devices configured as Modbus slaves. The Modbus packet sent via RS-485 interface to the master is forwarded to all the slaves, and the answer from slaves is forwarded to the master, so that the network acts as a directed cable replacement.

The RM-01 devices feature a dual antenna SMA outputs for improved reliability. The integrated, advanced radio frequency front-end allows the devices to operate even in the presence of strong electromagnetic interference, typical for industrial environments.