We embed wireless communication into products to make them reach the unreachable.


More flexibility compared to wired connections.
Reduced installation and maintenance costs.
Enabling technology for a range of new applications.


Long range, interference free mesh networking
Secure communications
Premium radio link quality


Dual antenna operation for improved reliability
Built-in time synchronization
Industry 4.0 ready
Industrial zone,The equipment of oil refining,Close-up of industrial pipelines of an oil-refinery plant,Detail of oil pipeline with valves in large oil refinery.


Industrial automation.

The technology is suitable as a reliable cable replacement in many serial communication applications, offering more flexibility while reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Smart City and Smart Buildings.

The mesh networking capability makes it easy to deploy applications that collect data from many distributed sources.


Wireless networking makes it easy to add new features, improvements and redundancy to existing installations, without interfering with the communication infrastructure.


The radio module is embedded into the final PCB design as a peripheral device, connected via standard UART interface.

A high-level software library for the host MCU is provided for C / C++ / Python / Java / C#, allowing to easily integrate wireless networking into the final application

The modules seamlessly connect to other nodes forming self-healing mesh network and exchange data.

The gateway at the border of the network connects to either SCADA, a dedicated on-line service or other systems.



The easiest way to start with the RCM modules is to get the RCM Development Kit (read more). It provides the fastest learning curve with out-of-the-box demos and examples, including tools for range testing.

The on-line documentation provides guides and examples on how to implement our wireless communication technology into the final product without a hassle.