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Commercial grade gateway for RCM networks.

• standalone gateway device, capable of managing a multihop mesh network
• equipped with RCM-06 radio module
• USB, Ethernet and RS-485 communication interfaces
• supports LTE communication through additional USB dongle
• managed fully remotely



Embeddable, industrial grade wireless mesh network radio module.

• IEEE 802.15.4 compatible sub-GHz radio module, operating in license free 868MHz European frequency band
• programmable output power up to +14dBm, with the possibility to compensate for antenna cable losses
• supports dual antenna operation for improved reliability
• suitable for long range communication in a multihop mesh network
• C/C++/C#/JAVA/Python API library available
• easy surface mount
• industrial temperature range: -40 to +85°C
• compatible with other RCM modules and RCG gateway



Modbus to wireless mesh network converter.

• DIN rail mountable
• 9-24 DC voltage power supply
• RS-485 interface with Modus RTU
• License free 868MHz radio interface
• Dual antenna with antenna diversity for improved reliability
• Seamless operation in a wireless mesh network with multiple hops
• mini-USB configuration interface with a dedicated application
• Quick installation and setup