We embed large scale wireless networking
in low-cost products

We believe that professional and secure wireless communication should be available to all products, including ultra-low-cost devices.

We are a technical university spin-off with great experience in designing and deploying radio communication systems for industrial, professional and commercial applications.

We deliver software components that are embeddable into client products, providing high-quality mesh networking and Internet connectivity. Together with our cloud services, they form a flexible and cost-effective wireless networking solution with additional unique features, such as large scale and automated over-the-air firmware updates and precise clock synchronization.

It's not about bits
It's about trust

Wireless communication is essential for many products. But designing a low-cost electronic device with reliable wireless networking is a complex task. That's why a lot of companies seek help.

Unfortunately many solutions on the market are just parts of the puzzle that you’re left to solve on your own. And they tend to work in lab environments but not in the real deployment.

When selecting your technology supplier, you want to trust that:

  • your devices work, no matter the scale
  • your outgoing data always reaches the destination
  • your network is secure and continues to work no matter the load
  • you can always fix your problems after deployment
  • your products comply with local regulations
  • you have support on every stage of the product lifetime

Technology suitable for large scale low-cost applications

Time-synchronized mesh IPv6 networking

Our network uses the Time Slotted Channel Hopping (TSCH) mode of IEEE 802.15.4 to deliver time-synchronized communication. Devices form a self-organizing and self-healing scalable mesh network. The network uses industry-standard IPv6 and UDP protocols for addressing and data transport.

End-to-end security

Our network was designed from ground up with security in mind. All links in the system use industry-standard AES-128 encryption. In addition we provide end-to-end security between networked devices and Internet services.

Large scale automated OTA firmware updates

With the help of our cloud-based tools we will soon provide an automated large scale Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware update service, in which you can simply drag and drop your incremental firmware update patch and we will make sure it will be applied to all devices that need it.

Typical applications

How can we work together?

Delivering a product to the market is a multi-step process. We care about our clients and work closely with them to deliver the best user experience on every stage. Here’s how we usually proceed in 6 steps. Click on each step to find out more.

You design your product using a compatible hardware platform. Our software runs on multiple MCUs and transceivers and this coverage is constantly increasing so you have many options to choose from. We can also prepare the software for your custom hardware as an additional service.

We can advise on hardware selection and guide you through every step of the design process, including schematics, layout, antenna design, power supply, peripherals etc.

We deliver an embedded software framework that you use to build your application. The framework includes low-level hardware drivers and a complete network stack, leaving for you the implementation of the application layer, defining final product functionality.

We provide online support as well as consulting, helping you to develop an efficient solution.

We deliver debugging and network visualization tools that you can use to speed up the process of product validation, by looking deeply into the behaviour of your networked nodes.

We provide online support and remote consulting services, including help in debugging.

Every manufacturer is responsible for their products’ conformance with local laws and regulations. Concerning wireless communication, you will most likely test your final products against CE/RED or FCC related standards.

We can provide pre-compliance testing against common radio-related standards, along with troubleshooting services.

Our networking stack comes with the tools that you can use to track your products during installation and startup procedures. Once installed and activated, your products can communicate with the Internet and become ‘alive’ in the digital world.

Our cloud web service helps you manage your assets and track the products that were activated.

You can use our networking stack to build the services that let you or your users interact with your products after deployment. One of the key functions of modern IoT devices is the ability to update firmware, to address functional and security issues. Using our toolset it is easy to develop patches and updates to device firmware.

Once your patch is done, our online cloud service lets you schedule remote, automated, over-the-air firmware updates for products, controlling where each of the firmware patches should be installed.