EMBENET_UDP_SocketDescriptor Struct ReferenceembeNET UDP C API

Detailed Description

Structure describing an UDP Socket.

This structure describes a single registered UDP socket. When registering a socket through a call to EMBENET_UDP_RegisterSocket the user is expected to fill all the structure fields EXCEPT the 'next' field, which is used internally by the embeNET stack.

Data Fields

uint16_t port
EMBENET_UDP_Traffic handledTraffic: 8
EMBENET_GroupId groupId
EMBENET_UDP_RxDataHandler rxDataHandler
void * userContext

Field Documentation

◆ port

uint16_t EMBENET_UDP_SocketDescriptor::port

UDP port number to bind to. This parameter may be in the range of 1 to 65535.

◆ handledTraffic

EMBENET_UDP_Traffic EMBENET_UDP_SocketDescriptor::handledTraffic

Traffic that will be handled by the socket. Possible options:

◆ groupId

EMBENET_GroupId EMBENET_UDP_SocketDescriptor::groupId

Multicast group identifier used only when socketType is set to EMBENET_UDP_TRAFFIC_MULTICAST. In such case this identifier determines the multicast group address that the socket will listen to. In other cases this field is ignored and should be set to 0.

◆ rxDataHandler

EMBENET_UDP_RxDataHandler EMBENET_UDP_SocketDescriptor::rxDataHandler

A mandatory user-defined callback function that will be called every time an UDP datagram is received on the socket. This field must not be NULL.

◆ userContext

void* EMBENET_UDP_SocketDescriptor::userContext

An optional user-defined context pointer that will be passed to the rxHandler when it is called.

◆ next

EMBENET_UDP_SocketDescriptor* EMBENET_UDP_SocketDescriptor::next

Field reserved for the network stack. When registering new socket set this field to NULL. Once the socket is registered this field MUST NOT be changed.

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