MQTTSNSessionFlags Struct ReferenceMQTT-SN Client

Detailed Description

MQTT-SN session flags.

Data Fields

unsigned int topicIdType: 2
unsigned int cleanSession: 1
unsigned int will: 1
unsigned int retain: 1
unsigned int QoS: 2
unsigned int dup: 1

Field Documentation

◆ topicIdType

unsigned int MQTTSNSessionFlags::topicIdType

◆ cleanSession

unsigned int MQTTSNSessionFlags::cleanSession

◆ will

unsigned int MQTTSNSessionFlags::will

◆ retain

unsigned int MQTTSNSessionFlags::retain

◆ QoS

unsigned int MQTTSNSessionFlags::QoS

◆ dup

unsigned int MQTTSNSessionFlags::dup

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