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Our team of R&D experts is ready to tailor the technology to your unique requirements, ensuring that your network is not only efficient, but also future-proof.

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Empowering Your Enterprise with Advanced Wireless Solutions

At EMBETECH, we specialize in the design and support of wireless networks tailored for businesses. Our R&D services focus on implementing new wireless communication standards and network architecture creation, ensuring your enterprise stays ahead in the connectivity game.

Through rigorous precompliance testing of devices utilizing radio waves, we guarantee not only the reliability but also the forward-thinking innovation of your wireless solutions. Discover how our expertise can transform your business connectivity landscape.

Core services

Wireless Communication Standards Implementation: We help integrate the latest wireless communication technologies into your business operations, ensuring high-speed, reliable connectivity for your enterprise.

Precompliance Device Testing: We conduct thorough testing of devices using radio waves to ensure they meet industry standards before launch, guaranteeing reliability and compliance.

Network Architecture Development: Our team designs robust network architectures tailored to meet your specific business needs, optimizing performance and scalability.

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Software / hardware customization
Software / hardware customization
We are expertised in tailoring software and hardware solutions to fit the unique requirements of your business. Our bespoke services encompass custom software development to enhance your operations, alongside hardware adaptation to ensure seamless integration and peak performance. By understanding the intricate needs of your enterprise, we craft solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, driving your business forward in today’s competitive landscape.
Connectivity Solutions
How we can help

We offer comprehensive R&D support tailored to advance your technological capabilities. From pioneering digital replica technologies and enhancing network functionalities with SDN and NFV, to optimizing connectivity through V2X and network slicing—our expertise spans across the most innovative fields. Trust us to empower your projects with cutting-edge solutions and dedicated expert guidance every step of the way.

Pre-compliance testing of radio interfaces
In-depth analysis of radio interfaces and conformance

conformance to standards such as ETSI 300 220, ETSI 300 113, ETSI 300 328, ETSI 300 489

Custom firmware for testing
Debugging and troubleshooting
Design optimization
Cooperation with AGH University of Krakow – radio lab
Development of IoT hardware, firmware and software
Achieving best quality to price ratio
Tailoring to the specific needs of applications
Backing up with simulation using a digital twin approach
Optimization to meet stringent requirements

such as low range, low power consumption, high reliability etc.

Development for conformance

such as low range, low power consumption, high reliability etc.

Development of support tools

production testers, self-test firmware

Tech Integration
Application of various communication technologies and standards

In the realm of digital innovation, the application of various communication technologies and standards is fundamental to the creation of interconnected and efficient systems. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you can leverage the full potential of each standard, enhancing connectivity, reliability, and performance across your projects.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)







Holistic approach
Embracing a Holistic Approach in R&D Services

At our core, we recognize that developing complex products demands a comprehensive and holistic approach. This philosophy permeates every aspect of our R&D services, ensuring seamless integration and exceptional results across the entire development spectrum.

PCB design including component selection, power and signal integrity, antenna layout, EMC compliance etc.
We design and implement reliable firmware and software for various parts of the system. We specialize in distributed systems, communication stacks and general automation.
We deliver and integrate out-of-the-box software components for wireless communication and device management.
We often solve complex problems related to performance, reliability, efficiency and cost optimization in embedded systems
We provide pre-compliance testing and general consulting services
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