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efficient, adaptable, and future-proof lighting solutions powered by embeNET wireless software solution


Lighting of the Future

Revolutionize your smart lighting with embeNET, offering unparalleled scalability and consistent performance. Harness the power of advanced security, seamless integration, and always-updated systems to illuminate the future.

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embeNET is premier wireless communication suite designed for advanced industrial applications. It revolutionizes smart lighting with unmatched scalability, supporting 1000+ node networks seamlessly. Experience consistent, interference-free lighting through channel hopping, enhanced range in sub-GHz bands, and effortless integration. With cutting-edge security and always-updated firmware, we illuminate the future of holistic lighting solutions.

Innovative Networking: Beyond Standard Solutions

Step into the realm of embeNET, where robust IPv6 mesh networking meets the challenges of demanding environments. Built for scalability and crafted for performance, our solutions are the cornerstone for any enterprise seeking an edge in connectivity

Building Lights

Our embeNET solutions are designed for modern buildings, offering not just energy efficiency, but also personalized lighting and remote management. Adapt lighting to meet the unique needs of each space, enhancing the comfort and functionality of your building environments.

Street Lights

embeNET brings advanced, scalable, and reliable lighting to streets and public areas. Experience enhanced safety and ambiance in outdoor spaces with our robust IPv6 mesh networking, ensuring consistent performance in even the most demanding environments.

Energy efficiency

Automatic adaptation to ambient conditions ensures optimal energy consumption.


Adjust lighting levels according to individual needs and user preferences.

Integration with other systems

Easy integration with other building automation systems.

Remote management

Control and monitor lighting from anywhere with remote access tools.

Long-term scalability

Solutions are ready to expand as your business and your business needs will grow.


Advanced security mechanisms protect the system from unauthorised access.

Case studies examples

Because you need to see how it works

Case Study: Elsta Elektronika - IoT in Mining Industry

Case Study: Radionika - IoT in Railway Safety

Application in Smart City

Application in Industry 4.0

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Dive deep into the technical core of our products, where innovation meets real-world functionality. Experience the strength of embeNET's robust features designed for tomorrow's challenges today.

IPv6 Mesh Networking Ready for mass deployments
Time-Slotted Channel Hopping
Hardware agnostic
End-to-end Security
Firmware Updates: over the air firmware update
Interoperability: ARM Cortex MCUs Ready
Border Router Integration
Advanced Routing Capabilities

Delve into the intricacies of EmbeNET, a meticulously crafted suite consisting of three pivotal software components. Designed for adaptability, these components seamlessly operate across diverse hardware platforms, converging to form a holistic communication platform. Our suite consists of three components

01 - embeNET Node Library

The embeNET Node Library is an advanced 6TiSCH-compatible wireless communication stack, designed for deeply embedded devices. It enables reliable IPv6 mesh networking for large-scale installations, supporting over 1000 nodes. This library offers advanced routing and scalability features, ensuring robust and secure networking. Key features include built-in security mechanisms, firmware update capabilities, and compatibility with ARM Cortex MCUs.

02 - embeNET Border Router Software

The embeNET Border Router Software acts as the gateway for your IoT network, connecting it seamlessly to LAN or Internet. It is essential for remote configuration, management, and maintenance of networked nodes. This software ensures automated firmware updates and is operational on embedded Linux/Windows devices as well as selected microcontrollers. A Linux/Windows service or C/C++ library for FreeRTOS-enabled MCUs is available, making it versatile and efficient for a variety of deployments.

03 - embeNET Portal

The embeNET Portal is a cutting-edge web application that provides a comprehensive view of the embeNET networks. It serves as the central hub for visualizing network connections, analyzing key metrics, and orchestrating network configurations. The Portal allows for efficient management of network settings and scheduling of maintenance tasks, including remote firmware updates of nodes, thus enhancing the overall efficiency and control of your IoT network.

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