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embeNET BLINK Components
Delve into the intricacies of EmbeNET, a meticulously crafted suite consisting of three pivotal software components. Designed for adaptability, these components seamlessly operate across diverse hardware platforms, converging to form a holistic communication platform. Our suite consists of three components

The embeNET Node Library is an advanced 6TiSCH-compatible wireless communication stack, designed for deeply embedded devices. It enables reliable IPv6 mesh networking for large-scale installations, supporting over 1000 nodes. This library offers advanced routing and scalability features, ensuring robust and secure networking. Key features include built-in security mechanisms, firmware update capabilities, and compatibility with ARM Cortex MCUs.

The embeNET Border Router Software acts as the gateway for your IoT network, connecting it seamlessly to LAN or Internet. It is essential for remote configuration, management, and maintenance of networked nodes. This software ensures automated firmware updates and is operational on embedded Linux/Windows devices as well as selected microcontrollers. A Linux/Windows service or C/C++ library for FreeRTOS-enabled MCUs is available, making it versatile and efficient for a variety of deployments.

The embeNET Portal is a cutting-edge web application that provides a comprehensive view of the embeNET networks. It serves as the central hub for visualizing network connections, analyzing key metrics, and orchestrating network configurations. The Portal allows for efficient management of network settings and scheduling of maintenance tasks, including remote firmware updates of nodes, thus enhancing the overall efficiency and control of your IoT network.

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