embeNET suite is our software package being second to none when it comes to enabling high-quality wireless communication (mesh networking) and Internet connectivity for industrial and professional applications (IIoT). Our solution is based on widely recognized 6TiSCH standard – a deterministic IPv6 networking protocol, designed for applications requiring scalability and reliability. The software is embeddable into client products operating on different hardware platforms.

embeNET suite components

The embeNET suite consists of 3 software components that can be run on a variety of hardware platforms. Together they form a complete communication platform.

embeNET Node

embeNET Node, our 6TiSCH-compatible software, is an embeddable wireless communication stack that provides support for front-end hardware (sensors and RF radio transceivers) and makes all the difference. It is core to reliable mesh networking for large scale installations (1000+ nodes) with advanced routing and scalability features. Supports IPv6 and UDP with built-in security mechanisms and firmware update capabilities.

Available as a C/C++ library for ARM Cortex MCUs.

embeNET Border Router

Border router software that manages the embeNET network and connects it into the LAN or to the Internet. It allows remote configuration, management and maintenance of networked nodes as well as automated firmware updates. Runs on embedded Linux/Windows devices as well as selected microcontrollers.

Available as a Linux/Windows service or C/C++ library for bare metal MCU applications.

embeNET Portal

Web application for remote management of the embeNET networks. Allows to visualize network connections and key network metrics, configure network settings and schedule maintenance tasks, such as remote firmware update of nodes.

Technology suitable for large scale deployments

Great scalability

We use Time Slotted Channel Hopping (TSCH) mode of IEEE 802.15.4 to deliver self-organizing mesh network with greatly reduced collisions. This allows to build networks spanning from dozens to 1000+ nodes.

Immunity to interference

The channel hopping technique along with broken link detection and self-healing allows to minimize the impact of external interferences and multipath propagation issues.

Large range and coverage

Our solution works in sub-GHz bands allowing better signal propagation, obstacle avoidance and material penetration. Combined with multi-hop networking it leads to large effective coverage.

Standard IPv6 and UDP protocols

The network uses industry-standard IPv6 and UDP protocols for addressing and data transport. Thus it is easy to develop, test and integrate the final solution.

End-to-end security

All links use industry-standard AES encryption and there are multiple authorization schemes possible. We also provide end-to-end security between networked devices and Internet services.

Automated firmware updates

The network features a built-in service for automated large scale Over-The-Air firmware updates of field nodes, making use of multicast addressing capabilities.

Markets and applications

Smart building

Smart buildings use various devices like sensors and online connectivity to monitor building characteristics, analyze the data and generate insights around usage patterns, finding trends that can be used to optimize the building’s operations.

Smart city

Smart city applications increase the quality of life and improve the environmental sustainability. IoT and wireless connectivity technologies help to enhance the quality and performance of urban services, optimizing resources and costs.

Energy and utilities

In the energy & utilities sector, IoT devices have been able to create intelligent networks through the collection, transmission, and use of large quantities of data.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 takes the emphasis on digital technology from recent decades to a whole new level with the help of interconnectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT), access to real-time data, and the introduction of cyber-physical systems.

Exploration and mining

In exploration & mining IoT has the potential to improve the production and business processes by enabling the extraction of valuable information from industrial processes.

Transport and logistics

Transport & logistics with IoT connects your moving assets, protect freight, optimize fleet use, deliver services that scale, even improve driver safety – these are just a few things you can achieve using embeNET software.

Precision agriculture

IoT in agriculture increases agility of the processes. Thanks to real-time monitoring and prediction, farmers can quickly respond to any significant change in weather, humidity, air quality as well as the health of each crop or soil in the field.

Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring applies advanced sensor devices to identify the presence of pollutants in the air and water, promoting better sustainability and keeping the premises safer and cleaner.


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We provide a complete solution

Follow these three easy steps to apply reliable wireless mesh networking in your product today.

Hardware design

We can design custom hardware for your specific needs, adapting to your manufacturing process.

Software design

We develop application firmware and software, making sure that the integration process is fast and efficient.

Conformance testing & validation

We provide pre-compliance testing services against RED and EMC requirements, helping to achieve required product certification.


We also provide consulting services including requirements specification, product design, technology selection and more.

About us

We believe that professional and secure wireless communication should be available to all products, including ultra-low-cost devices.

We are a technical university spin-off with great experience in designing and deploying radio communication systems for industrial, professional and commercial applications. We deliver software components that are embeddable into client products, providing high-quality mesh networking and Internet connectivity. Together with our cloud services, they form a flexible and cost-effective wireless networking solution with additional unique features, such as large scale and automated over-the-air firmware updates and precise clock synchronization.

How to start?

Follow these three easy steps to apply reliable wireless mesh networking in your product today.


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