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RCMTimeSync Struct ReferenceConnection

#include <rcm_connection.h>

Detailed Description

Structure describing the time synchronization process.

Data Fields

RCMNTS_DeviceType devType
 Device type.
OSTime syncInterval
 Time synchronization interval.
OSTime sleepingDuration
RCM_GetTimeFunc getTime
 Function to get time from the system.
RCM_SetTimeFunc setTime
 Function to set system time.
OSTask rcmntsTask
 Network Time Sync thread.
sig_atomic_t taskKillSignal
 Signal to kill the NTS thread.
OSSem taskTerminated
 Semaphore used to wait for NTS thread termination.

Field Documentation

OSTime RCMTimeSync::sleepingDuration

Holds sleeping duration in ms. This value is valid only after successful call to RCM_SleepUntil() and stays valid until followed call to RCM_WaitForWakeup() returns with success.

This member is for internal use only.
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