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RCMMessage Struct ReferenceMessages

#include <rcm_message.h>

Detailed Description

RCM message descriptor.

Data Fields

RCMAddressingMode dstAddrMode
 destination addressing mode
RCMAddressingMode srcAddrMode
 source addressing mode
RCMAddr dstAddr
 destination address
RCMAddr srcAddr
 source address (valid only for incoming packets)
uint8_t dstEndpoint
 destination endpoint
uint8_t srcEndpoint
 source endpoint
uint16_t profileId
 profile id
uint16_t clusterId
 cluster id
uint8_t radius
 message radius (number of hops it can travel)
uint8_t lqi
 link quality indicator (valid only for incoming messages)
int8_t rssi
 received signal strength indicator (valid only for incoming messages)
uint8_t reserved1
uint8_t reserved2
uint8_t reserved3
 message payload
size_t dataSize
 size of message data
RCMonfirmationMode reqACK
 request ACK
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