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The message structure

The RCMMessage structure encapsulates a single message in the RCM protocol.

Apart from the payload, each message has the following properties:

  • source address (short or UID)
  • destination address (short, UID, group or broadcast)
  • source endpoint (see Endpoint message exchange)
  • destination endpoint (see Endpoint message exchange)
  • radius (maximum number of network hops the message can travel)
  • ack mode (message requires acknowledgment or not)

In addition, received messages also carry information about:

  • link quality indicator (LQI)
  • received signal strength indicator (RSSI)

The Messages module provides API functions to handle RCMMessage structures.

Preparing outgoing messages

The Messages module provides three methods of initializing RCMMessage structures in order to prepare the messages to be sent. These methods differ depending on the type of destination address used:

The Endpoint message exchange chapter includes an example that illustrates the usage of these functions.

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